ips e.max

IPS e.max Prep Guide

IPS e.max

Ingots are available in different degrees of opacity and/or translucency for restorations that exhibit impeccable aesthetics and high mechanical stability.

  • Strength – 400 Mpa
  • Marginal Integrity – approximately 5-10 microns
  • Final Seating – Conventional cementation, bonding, resin cement

    IPS e.max Restoration Highlights

  • Fluorapatite glass ceramic pressing ingots available in 5 opacity levels
  • Nano-fluorapatite layering ceramic
  • Lifelike esthetics
  • Cut-back technique
  • Single unit substructures
  • Zirconia substructures
  • Inlay-bridge substructures
  • Implant abutments
  • Veneers with minimal layering
  • Ideal for combination cases
  • Predictable shade matching even with difficult combination cases

    Stump Shades and Try-In Paste

  • Dentin affects final shade
  • Much of color comes from the underlying dentin layer
  • Stump dies replicate existing color
  • - Light stump will result in high value, chroma saturation
  • - Dark stump will typically result in low value, low chroma